Why Do We Want to Sell Art?

First off- WHY THE HELL NOT!? I mean the beauty in anything is really in the eye of the beholder. I aspire to truly offer something for everyone. While most other artists stick to one style and that is their bread and butter- I want to continuously practice it all. To perpetually keep learning and to adapt to new styles and aesthetics and always keep my art fresh and updated. 

So why sell art? First off living in NYC the vibe of the city just makes you want to branch out. There is an amazing art gallery around just about any street and the city itself is just inspiring. Isn't it better to buy something from someone who truly enjoys creating for you!?

I hope you enjoy my catalog- make sure to look through the entire collection to see it all and never forget if you do not see what you love- I can make ANYTHING custom. Don't be shy!