How much is shipping?

It will vary by product and is calculated by weight. Some products (larger resin pieces) are heavier than others. If you order a print it is calculated by UPS.

Do you ship internationally?

Right now international shipping is not available but stay tuned!

How long will it take for me to receive my artwork?

Most artworks leave the studio within 2-3 days after an order has been placed. Some more complex artworks can take an extra day to completely set before being placed in a box. It can take anywhere between 2-10 days for you to receive your artwork. 

Can I return my artwork?

No, you cannot return your artwork unless it has been damaged in shipping. All sales are final and certain items will be on a case by case basis. All custom pieces will be final sale.

If it is an original but there are 5 does that mean they are prints? 

NO. Unless explicitly stated it is not a print. Therefore you can expect another handmade painting. What this also means is similar to tye-dye- it can never be 100% exact. It will be a handmade replica of what you see which will be 98% the same as you see. Colors will also be the same. If you want things changed significantly then it becomes a custom piece. 

Is each artwork limited in number?

A majority of the artworks are originals and cannot be duplicated or printed. Especially the items with stones or beads. All watercolors, and some acrylic and oil paintings will be sold in limited editions and amounts. Every piece says on its product page if it is an original. If prints are available they will appear as an option on the page.

Does my piece come framed?

All prints come fully framed. Original pieces will vary and in some instances you will have the option to purchase just the piece or both the piece and the frame. We want to give you the decision as you know what fits your home decor best!

Do I get to choose my color frame?

On the prints, yes. On the originals that have a frame- what you see is what you get!

Where is my artwork made?

All artworks are made by hand in New York, NY. Alinato Art is a small female owned and run business. Everything is done by hand and made with TLC.

Our printing partner is eco friendly and also US made.

What do you mean by all works are handmade?

Exactly that. All original pieces are made by the artist. This means they come with their own flaws and imperfections- allowing you to see the true process of art. Every stroke and every imperfection is what makes each original piece unique. 

What type of materials do you use for your artwork?

Every tool I use to make my art is of the highest quality. All high quality museum grade paints, finishes and wood for my art. I want your piece to stand the test of time. These materials are not cheap which is why the original pieces are a higher price than the prints. 

How will I hang my art?

The art will come with a mounting set. Simply put the hook on the wall and there you go! Certain items will be more self explanatory then others. Once you purchase the shipping confirmation email will detail how you will secure the painting to your wall. If there are any questions you can always reach out to us and we can walk you through it!

Can I order a custom artwork? 

YES! We love a custom piece. Really gets the juices flowing! We will need you to provide very detailed instruction on what you would like as these pieces are all final sale- so be direct!

I have more questions!

Please email me at info@alinatoart.com for more information- this is checked daily so do not be shy!

Thanks for supporting us!!