Alinato Art- Art by Alyssa

I started this shop because I have been doing art for fun for years and along the way whenever I was told "You should focus on it full time" I always thought it was a fruitlessĀ compliment to just make me feel good. Years later I am here. To finally try to follow my passion and my talent to a place where I can make my pass time my full-time. I am asking that you support my art store not because I am a woman. But, because I am finally following my passion and hoping it bring you light in these dark times.
I have always felt that color in your home makes all the difference. It has the ability to lift you up. It has the ability to change your mood. And on those low days when the weather is rough or you are dealing with something- the things you surround yourself with in your home should make you feel happy. And loved.
Thanks for visiting my store and I hope you love it as much as I do. ** Bonus points if you notice my Seinfeld references in some of my piece names! If you have any questions about a custom piece I am just an email away- do not be shy!